What qualifications do I have to have to charter one of your boats?
  1. ASA 104 is good to have. NOT mandatory, but a good indicator to us.
  2. Experience in a like sized boat and type.
  3. Experience in New England waters, or a comparable section of the world. Tidal current, wind, potentially rough seas, rocks etc. For example, the San Juan Islands of Washington are similar to our area in terms of hazards. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are not.
  4. Discussion with us on experience, knowledge, etc.
  5. Worst case is we restrict you to Narragansett Bay only, or we discuss a captain for a day.
Do I have to bring my own linens?

No. We supply all linens, towels, etc.

Do the boats have music systems, Bluetooth connections, etc?

Some do. Call or email us and ask about your particular boat.

Does the boat come with a dingy?

Yes. All our boats have dinghies.

I don’t know the area well. Can you assist me in planning out a trip?

Yes, we can. We very much enjoy helping you outline a trip to our area. We have a fascinating sailing area with a lot of diverse opportunities to explore. Ask us!

Can you provision the boat for us, food and drink?

At the present time we cannot offer that service. We have discussed it and it may be our future plans. Let us know what you think of that. If we get enough requests, we may very well offer!

Why do we have to be back at 10am?

We allow the group following yours to board at 5pm the same day. So, we need to clean the boat, replace the linens, check out all the systems and correct anything that may have gone wrong on the previous trip. We take great pride in preparing the boat for our clients and want to ensure the boat is in pristine condition for the next group.

Do you have navigation equipment on board?

Yes, all the basics. Charts, parallel rulers, dividers, cruising guides, binoculars, etc. This is in addition to all the electronic navigation equipment.

I have never chartered this type/model boat before. Will there be a check out process on the systems before I leave on my own?

We do a through check out with you an all the boat systems. Don’t leave with questions! We have a highly experience crew checking you out. If they don’t know the answer to something, we will find out!

I am a very experienced mono hull sailor but have never sailed a catamaran. Can you help with this?

Yes, we are affiliated with a great sailing school and have a number of very experienced captains that can assist you. Depending on your desires we can often have a captain on board for a few days, and then if you are comfortable, you can continue on your own.