Captained Charters

For those not confident in their ability to sail one of our boats, we offer captained charters. With a number of highly qualified US Coast Guard licensed captains available to assist you, they are selected not only for their knowledge, but of their ability to integrate themselves into your group. They will teach and instruct during your trip also providing insight into the local area. The cost for a captained charter is $400 per day. Call us to discuss your options!

Long Term Charters

Have you ever thought of cruising the Intercostal Waterway but do not own a boat suitable for the journey? Every year we get requests from clients wanting to charter a boat for a 6 to 8-week period of time to head down the intercoastal.

Six to eight weeks is plenty of time to travel as far south as Beaufort, North Carolina or even Charleston, South Carolina. We have several boats we can offer for this adventure. Contact us to discuss the logistics and cost of such a trip. It’s a once in a lifetime trip that many of us cruising sailors look forward to. Let’s make it a reality!